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Play and laearn is a series of three books which aims to teach English to preschool children in a fun and meaningful way.

Each book in the series seeks to develope age-appropiate skills through activities, excercises,songs, and poems that allow students to acquire the lamguage in a natural way.

Play and learn books use the communicative approach and a teaching methodology that consists of:

Vocabulary presentations through attractive pictures of items that children are familiar with. Vocabulary is reinforced with language structures so that children can store the information (silent period) and the use it to begin to say sibgle wwords or ready-made short phrases (beginning-to-talk preiod).

Excercises and activities that allow students to reinforce what they have learned. Topics are intreconnected so that children can learn, practice, and review different topics simultaneosly. Explanations are easy to follow, which eases the teacher’s task of making English learning more interesting and interactive.

Listening activities: visual-auditory exercises, songs, and poems related to the topic being seen. All the activities available on the Coaching in Trillas platform are designed to improve students’ listening skills and pronunciation, as well as to review what they have learned.

A skill assessment chart to help the teacher assess the skilss each student should have developed.

All this makes Play and learn an excellent means to help preschoolers learn English as a second language and have fun in the process.

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